27 May 2023 2023-05-30 20:25

6 Keys for 6 reasons you will see below and many more you will discover during your stay.


Nestled where the Pelion foothills meet the turquoise waters of Pagasitikos lies the breathtaking location of 6 Keys. Our hospitality Suites are perfectly positioned just 6 steps away from the sea, offering a truly unforgettable experience.

Comfort & Aesthetics

Experience ultimate comfort and discreet luxury during your stay at 6 Keys with our king-size beds, adorned with Coco-Mat linens and complemented by natural materials and stunning paintings crafted by renowned artist Rania Kapeliari. Each of our suites emanates a timeless country-chic ambiance, ensuring a truly comfortable and luxurious stay.


Philoxenia: an ancient Greek word (“philo” = love + stranger) and an ancient Greek tradition. It is our responsibility, duty, and honor to provide our guests with an experience that soothes the soul and body. We strive to ensure that every moment of your stay is worthwhile, and we do so with a warm and welcoming smile, regardless of the length of your visit.


From the moment you step through our entrance and into our reception area, you will feel the sea breeze and be enveloped by the natural landscape, setting the tone for a truly relaxing experience. Our Suites, with their luxurious simplicity, provide the perfect ambiance to embark on your own journey towards ultimate relaxation.


At 6 Keys, we don’t see you as a mere customer, but rather as our esteemed guest, whom we welcome with the same warmth and hospitality as we would a dear friend in our home. Our service is always honest, uncompromising, and personalized, starting from the very first moment of your stay.


Indulge in the ultimate Greek culinary experience at the 6 Keys restaurant, where we take traditional cuisine to the next level, offering a new perspective that has earned us 9 prestigious awards. Our dishes are inspired by time-honored recipes, and crafted with excellent quality raw materials, resulting in simple yet hearty flavors that invite you to savor the Mediterranean grace of Greek cuisine.