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Elegance, authenticity, aesthetics, luxurious simplicity. These are the words, which embody the philosophy and ambiance of 6 Keys, elevating hospitality experience to the next level.

The founders of 6 Keys are 2 world travelers who explored every corner of the planet in search of the “Keys” that unlock not only the deepest beauty of each place, but also the souls of the people who they met.

They established the guesthouse in 2010 and based their philosophy on these Keys. Let us present them to you!

Key #01 | Location

Latitude 39.276893. Longitude 23.157932. The perfect harmony of mountain and sea, sun and moon, vegetation and sand, in the secret paradise of Kalifteri beach, is the first and most crucial Key.

Key #02 | Sea

The essence of the 6 Keys philosophy is drawn from the sea, where the soothing sound of waves and the gentle sea breeze are just a mere six steps away from our rooms, marking it as one of our vital Keys.

Key #03 | Hospitality

At 6 Keys, we take the meaning of hospitality to heart, honoring its ancient Greek roots (“philo” = love + “xenos” = stranger) in the way only the people of this corner of Europe can. For you, who chose 6 Keys to bring tranquility to your mind and body, our commitment to hospitality is not just a duty but a responsibility and an honor. Regardless of your stay being brief or extended, we ensure, always with a warm smile, that every moment is truly worthwhile.

Key #04 | Aesthetics

The abandoned shipyard of the German shipbuilder Kaufman was transformed into a sanctuary of serenity, luxurious simplicity, authentic hospitality, uncompromising quality, and discreet luxury.

Key #05 | Gastronomy

Elevating Greek cuisine to new heights, the Six Keys restaurant, adorned with 9 prestigious awards, provides a fresh perspective. The fusion of superb quality raw ingredients and dishes crafted from traditional recipes brings forth simple and hearty flavors, inviting you to savor the Mediterranean charm of Greek cuisine.

Key #06 | Service

The first customers at 6 Keys are the owners themselves. Service is always honest, uncompromising, and personalized, starting from the very first moment of your stay.

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